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SPA Technique FireAde System Sprint Car Fire

24th May 2018

SPA Technique FireAde System

1st I want to thank FIREADE for their AMAZING system!! Had this not been installed Joey may not be here today. In turn 2 Joey became ingulfed and in turn 3 he was able to pull in. As he jumped out only the spot above his high top race shoes was still burning as it managed to get under his suit and the FIREAIDE couldn’t reach it. PTL for our crew member Larry Smith who immediately was there and getting the fire out. Joeys Allience Raceware suit is ruined due to fire from the methanol that was spraying him from a fuel line as he became engulfed; his Simpson shoes, have melted shoelaces, and tops of the shoes, etc., but thanks to them doing their job and his FIREADE putting the fire out he is still here with us. Joey does have 2nd degree burns just above the high top race shoes. We did go to the ER and He will have to be bandaged and meds for a while. Although we are still on our way to Indiana for him to race in the Payless Little 500 next weekend. “His first time on pavement so they have rented the track Monday for him to practice”

Sadly, I do want to say as a racers mom, DO NOT EVER trust a track official to save you!! Invest in a FIREADE system!!! Methanol isn’t seen on fire all the time and at those speeds you are quickly in an inferno. When the fire crew doesn’t notice and then comes towards you with NO fire extinguisher it’s too late. Please racers don’t put yourself or your loved ones through that. FIREADE so you are in charge of your safety!!!