Mounting a Racing Fire System | Augusta Motorsports

Mounting a Racing Fire System | Augusta Motorsports

Here at Augusta Motorsports we have been selling Racing Fire Systems for over 10 years. Many times we are asked questions concerning the proper location for mounting the Fire Bottle within the car. Here are a few thing to consider. 

What does your sanctioning body require for placement.

What does the Manufacture recommend for cylinder orientation and placement.

What are your space limitations. There are big space limitations and orientation considerations when mounting a fire system in a Formula Ford, Spec Miata or Drag Car. 

The type of car can limit cylinder placement based on pull cable length, hose length and nozzle placement requirements. 

Before Purchasing any Racing Fire System , Carefully review your rule requirements. Also take your time and plan for the installation. it is not hard to install a fire system, but it does take planning for Nozzle , pull cable and Cylinder placement. 




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