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BlazeCut T300E Black Tubing | Automatic Fire System, 9' Tube - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems
BlazeCut T300E Black Tubing | Automatic Fire System, 9' Tube - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems
BlazeCut T300E Black Tubing | Automatic Fire System, 9' Tube - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems
BlazeCut T300E Black Tubing | Automatic Fire System, 9' Tube - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems

BlazeCut T300E Black Tubing | Automatic Fire System, 9' Tube

SKU: T300Black

BlazeCut T300E  Auto, RV, Boat -  Automatic Fire System, 9' Tube Fire suppression for vehicles, engine compartments, generators, and other enclosed space fire risks.

Nice cost effective protection for a wide range of applications. - Augusta Motorsports  9' Tube is ideal for mid-size to large compartments Not SFI, FIA Compliant for Motorsports. ABC Type Rating for Enclosed Spaces - Engine Compartments etc.    BlazeCut “T” Series system is a simple and cost effective fire protection of small enclosures.

125.59" unit length

Protected enclosed space:

  • 48.38 Cubic feet electrical applications
  • 36.73 Cubic Feet engine/fuel applications

Operating Temperature: -40°F to +194°F

Activation Temperature: 221°F ± 5°F

Activation Pressure: 348 psi ± 14 psi 

Clean Agent: HFC227ea

Amount of Agent: 1.65lb ± 0.35 oz


The system consists of a heat sensitive tube made of special plastic which is closed by a stainless steel fitting on each end. The tube has both storage and detection function which means that the extinguishing agent is stored directly in the tube and no additional storage device like a cylinder is required. BlazeCut for vehicles uses HFC-236fa, which is an extremely effective, clean and people-safe extinguishing medium.

BlazeCut system operates automatically independent of any power supply by detecting higher temperatures. When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a critical threshold of 248*F, the detection tube melts down at the point where the affecting temperature is the highest. Melting the tube creates a hole releasing the entire extinguishing agent stored in the tube onto the source of the fire. BlazeCut “T” Series systems are supplied in various lengths of the tube and volumes of agent. The standard volume of agent ranges from 0,25 kg to 1,0 kg, which is sufficient to protect enclosures with volume between 0,25 m3 and 1,00 m3 respectively. BLAZECUT operates automatically without any power supply Blazecut is A.B,C rated.

The system cannot slowly leak down or lose pressure like a conventional fire extinguisher.  If you cannot see an air bubble in the line, the system is empty and should be replaced. The HFC clean extinguishing agent does not leave a residue, conduct electricity, corrode or cause shock damage. This makes the clean agent solution the right choice for sensitive devices.


Q: What is in that magic tube? BlazeCut contains HFC-236FA.   HFC-236FA is a fire extinguishing agent.  It is listed as an acceptable Halon replacement in the EPA SNAP Program for Halon 1211 in portable fire extinguishers and local application systems. HFC-236FA is noncorrosive, electrically non-conductive, free of residue, and has an ODP of zero. It is ideally suited for protecting high value equipment such as in computer rooms, telecommunication facilities, and aircraft.  

Q: How does Blazecut work? Quite simply!  The BlazeCut tube is heat sensitive.  When it reaches a sustained 248*F a hole is melted in the tube forming the nozzle and releasing the HFC-236FA.  The HFC-236FA reacts with the oxygen in the air, removing the oxygen and absorbing the heat.  The area is cooled and fire starved of the air it needs to burn.  

Q: Why shouldn’t I just buy a fire extinguisher? You should have a fire extinguisher FIRST!  Fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems are two different products.  We always suggest you buy a quality fire extinguisher for your car, mounted within easy reach of the driver.  Not only can you put out a fire in your car with a hand held fire extinguisher, you can use it to save some one else!  Buy a BlazeCut for another layer of defense that works automatically, and is on guard 24x7!  Unlike a fire extinguisher, BlazeCut works by itself!

Q: How long does it last? BlazeCut is a single use product thats lasts up to 10 years depending on application and environment.   

Q: What is Blazecut rated? BlazeCut is ABC rated.  Q: What size BlazeCut should I order? Remember, for BlazeCut to work best it needs to be in a mostly enclosed area.  The more open to the outside the less efficient it is. Engine Compartments    Vehicle fires are an issue all over the world and the number of such fires increases each year. Majority of vehicle fires have its source in the engine compartment. The most dangerous sources of fires in the engine compartments include electrical arcing, overloaded wiring, hot surfaces, mechanical sparks, electrical sources.

.   The engine compartments of vehicles are one of the most critical environments due to the increased risk of fire and in terms of extinguishing. Tight space, hot environment, changing temperatures, and air flow have substantial impact on extinguishing and pose a challenge for every fire suppression system.   

BlazeCut “T” Series systems help protect engine compartments by capturing the staring fire or by suppressing the fire giving the crew time for further action.  Easy installation, no maintenance and affordability makes this system a perfect first line fire protection of the engine compartment of small vehicles and pleasure boats.   The “T” Series systems are suitable for the following applications:         On-road vehicles (cars, vans, SUVs, old-timers)      Off-road vehicles (small construction or agricultural vehicles, forklift trucks, golf carts etc.)      Pleasure boats (inboard and outboard engines)