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Formula Car Racing Fire Extinguisher System FIA Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 2.25 - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems
Formula Car Racing Fire Extinguisher System FIA Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 2.25 - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems

Formula Car Racing Fire Extinguisher System FIA Lifeline Zero 360 Novec 2.25

SKU: 106-001-004 - FC

Formula Car FIA Fire System- The Dimensions of this system make it a perfect fit for Formula Cars and other Race Cars with a Small Driver area. 

Lifeline Zero 360 FIA 2.25kg Novec 1230 Fire Marshal Racing Fire Extinguisher System 106-001-004 - Augusta Motorsports  

Mechanical Pull System

While these system meet the very stringent FIA Standard EX.028.08, they are not SFI compliant.  

The Novec™1230 Zero 360 range of car fire extinguishers are significantly smaller and lighter than the current generation of FIA certified foam systems, offering far better packaging within the confines of the modern competition vehicle. The Stored Pressure Mechanical System is manufactured using an aluminium cylinder that offers weight and space saving benefits over the entry level Steel Cylinder.

Expertly designed to suit all Club Level, Historic and Fast Road applications. Novec™1230 Zero 360 has moved the boundaries of motorsports car fire extinguishers. Using only the finest materials in both its construction and installation kit this system performed extremely well in the FIA tests for plumbed in fire systems which were witnessed by the British Standard Institute. FIA Homologated  Smaller and lighter than ever - Great for Formula Cars 2.25kg of 3M™ Novec™1230 liquid clean agent suppressant 

Highest quality 

Constant discharge in any orientation  Excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities  Two year service cycle 

The choice of world championship winning constructors Kit Includes

6ft Pull Cable (x 1)
12ft Pull Cable (x 1)
8mm Tube (x 6m)
Heatproof Over Braid (x 6m)
Nozzle Straight Inlet (x 2)
Double Z Nozzle (x3)
8mm T Connector (x 1)
Bulkhead Fitting (x 1)
4 Way Connector (x 1)
Bracket and Straps Pipe Clip (x 5)
Decal Pack (x1)

Zero 360 – Lifeline’s latest range of fire suppression systems designed specifically to meet the needs of the competition car user. Resulting from probably the most extensive development and test program Zero 360 brings new levels of fire protection combined with significantly improved transportation and servicing benefits to meet the needs of our worldwide customers.

The small 2.25 kg aluminum bottle weighs just 7.2 pounds full and measures 5" diameter x 10 3/4" long overall (7 1/4" without the actuating handle assembly). 

Using 3M™ Novec 1230™ environmentally friendly extinguishant combined with Lifeline’s Compression Discharge technology you are assured of superior results over standard stored pressure systems, as only pure undiluted extinguishing agent is deployed, unlike others that are saturated with Nitrogen thereby reducing efficiency of the agent. Zero 360 system discharge is achieved through specially designed high flow nozzles optimized to suit the Novec™ 1230 product and creating a fire smothering gas cloud in the engine and crew compartments.