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Lifeline Zero 2000 2.25ltr Club Fire Marshal Mechanical System - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems
Lifeline  zero 200 Diagram

Lifeline Zero 2000 2.25ltr Club Fire Marshal Mechanical System

SKU: 101-225-011

LIFELINE Racing Extinguisher 2.25L 5LB AFFF ZERO 2000 MANUAL PULL FIRE BOTTLE SYSTEM - Augusta Motorsports Lifeline 2.25 Liter Mechanical fire suppression system is a superb entry-level plumbed in fire extinguisher/bottle system utilizing the Zero 2000 fully integrated design approach. 


 This Lifeline System is one of our best sellers! Over 100 systems sold last year. A great choice when moving up from that hardware store fire extinguisher protecting you now.  This system is ideal for such class's as Street Stock, Mini Modified, U-Cars, Dirt Cars, Oval Track Cars, Drag Racing, Rally, Legends, AutoCross, and Vintage  etc.

 **Please check with your sanctioning body rules regarding required Fire Systems to make sure that you are compliant. **

** Not FIA or SFI Compliant and Not for Alcohol Type Fires**

Together with the specially designed atomizing nozzles, the Zero 2000 compound itself has been specially blended to cope with the rigorous demands of motorsports. The nozzle design divides the foam into minute particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist that forms an invisible seal over the target area, cooling and preventing re-ignition. Zero 2000 performed supremely well in engine fire tests.  

This particular kit is to meet the minimum requirements of sanctioning bodies not requiring FIA or SFI approval.  

(2) 6 Foot Pull Cables - Driver Pull and Safety Worker Pull
(2) Zero 2000 Nozzles
(1) Tee Connector 
(10) Feet of Tubing
(5) Clamps
(1) Decal Pack  

Dimensions 20" long, 4.25" Diameter and Weighs 9lbs  

Zero 2000 - the first environmentally-friendly extinguisher to combat the problem of Halon replacement. In a world of constant change, Lifeline has consistently led the way, and continues to do so.  

In addition to its fire suppression performance Zero 2000 also has other advantages. It is economic to refill, and of course, is totally environmentally friendly, being non-ozone depleting, noncorrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable.   

The choice of world championship winning constructors 

  Excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities  2.25 liters of Zero 2000 extinguisher solution  Constant discharge in any orientation 

 All Systems are shipped UPS Ground