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Lifeline Zero 360 SFI 5lb Racing Fire System
Lifeline Zero 360 SFI 5lb  Fire System
Lifeline Nozzles

Lifeline Zero 360 SFI 5lb Racing Fire System - Aluminum Tubing - Novec 1230

SKU: 103-101-003

Zero 360 SFI 17.1 5lb Mechanical System - Aluminum Tubing

Augusta Motorsports and Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems has applied over 25 years of Motorsport safety knowledge and unparalleled experience to develop a lightweight and compact SFI compliant 5lb fire suppression system. Two aluminum nozzles disperse the gaseous, clean agent 3M Novec 1230, which provides a high level of fire suppression capability with no residue and no electrical system damage.

We offer the choice of Aluminum or Steel tubing to meet a range of sanctioning requirements.  103-001-003