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TwistLock Flat Mount Beverage Holder

TwistLock Drinkware Locking Flat Mounting Base

SKU: 050C1700-1

TwistLock Drinkware Locking Flat Mounting Base

The TwistLock Flat Mount Locking Base is your solution to securing any beverage to a variety of flat surfaces. Featuring a tapered low profile and extremely durable parts, the Flat Mount can be mounted directly onto floors, dashboards, coolers, benches or any other flat surface. Easily and securely install your new locking base using the included installation kit – choose between industrial-strength, double-sided adhesive squares, self-tapping screws, or both for an even stronger hold!

Where can you use it?

  • Coolers

  • Side-By-Sides

  • Standup Paddleboards

  • Gear Boxes

  • And more!