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FASTRAK 2018 Fire System Rules

FASTRAK 2018 Fire System Rules

FIRE SUPPRESSION All racecars must be equipped with a manual or thermally deployed automatic fire suppression system. The fire suppression system will consist of a DOT approved cylinder manufactured from aluminum or steel with a capacity of ten (10) lbs. of fire extinguishing agent, steel or steel reinforced lines, and a minimum of two (2) discharge nozzles.

All systems must meet or exceed SFI 17.1 specifications.

Systems must be fully charged with ten (10) lbs. of extinguishing agent and display a legible and valid SFI and manufacturer label depicting fire extinguishing agent, capacity and certification date. Cylinders that or beyond useful certification date must be inspected, serviced and re-labeled by the manufacturer.

Cylinders must be mounted forward of the fuel cell. Cylinders must be securely mounted to the frame/roll cage assembly. The certification label must be unobstructed and easily accessible for inspection when the mounting is complete. The cylinder must be connected to the nozzles with steel or steel reinforced lines.

One (1) nozzle must be located directly above the fuel cell in the fuel cell area and the second nozzle located in the driver cockpit area. An optional manual override cable may be used.

A large 3-4 inch RED Arrow is suggested on car pointing toward fire system handle so Officials can find it in an emergency


SPA 10lb Dirt Late Model, SCCA Fire System with Auto/Manual Thermal Block