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FireSlayer Automatic Fire Systems

FireSlayer Automatic Tube Fire Extinguisher with Fe-36 Clean Agent Suppression Fluid

The FireSlayer is a New and Innovative Fire Suppression System for many types of Enclosed Applications.

Automotive, Marine, RV, Fleet, Forklift, Agriculture, Industry etc, 


FireSlayer Tube Style Fire System



The FireSlayer Fire System is designed to protect small enclosed spaces or engine compartments that are at risk of fire circumstances.  The FireSlayer will operate
automatically when the Fire Detection Tube is exposed to direct flame impingement or the temperature melting point of FireSlayer tubing. The Fire Suppression Agent is stored in the FireSlayer Tubing and when activated applies the extinguishing agent directly on the fire point of origin and around the enclosed compartment through the tube at its melted point.

 The FireSlayer Fire System can be used with a great deal of proficiency in these types of spaces:

Engine Compartments of Cars, SUV’s, Vans, RV’s, Fleet Vehicles, Marine, Police, Rescue Vehicles, Golf Carts, Small Tractors, Fork Lifts, etc.

The Fireslayer FE-36 extinguishing agent is suitable for fire situations involving these classes of fire:

Class A – Ordinary Combustibles
Class B – Flammable Liquids
Class C – Energized Electrical Components

The Fireslayer can be installed in climate conditions ranging from -35F to 175F and will activate at a Burst Temperature or direct flame impingement at 230F to 248F

The Fireslayer 6.0 model is 6’ 10 inches in overall length and will effectively cover an area of 20 cubic feet of enclosed space – small engine compartment.

The Fireslayer is designed for fire suppression in enclosed spaces. Partially open or spaces with air flow will inhibit the fire systems activation and suppression. Fire Extinguishment depends on factors such as the flammable substance involved, the space and shape of the compartment, proper installation, etc. Certain metals such as Magnesium, Titanium and others that will combust without the presence of air will make the Fireslayer ineffective in that environment.