Champ Car Fire System Rules 2019


3.9.1. ALL CHAMPCAR COMPETITION VEHICLES MUST HAVE A SELF-CONTAINED PUSH- BUTTON OR PULL-HANDLE FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM INSTALLED. Effective 1/1/20 Fire suppression systems Must Have SFI or FIA certification. Minimum 5 LB or 2 Liter bottle capacity – either AFFF / FE-36 / NOVEC 1230 –Rechargeable systems are highly advised. Minimum two (2) extinguisher nozzles, one (1) pointed centrally towards the top and center of the engine, and one (1) located in the driver’s seating area. THIS IS THE MINIMUM. Be advised that multiple nozzles reduce line pressure and more quickly exhaust the fire suppression system. Competitors are advised to match the system capacity to the desired number of nozzles and area of coverage. EFFECTIVE 1/1/20 On Board Fire Suppression Systems shall be inspected for re-certification at least every two years after the date of original certification or as specified by the certifying manufacturer. When a unit is determined to be acceptable for continued service, a new conformance label marked with the inspection date shall be used. In-field re-certification is permitted, but ONLY by the original manufacturer or its authorized agent. Mailing of certification labels to customers is strictly prohibited. Systems shall have a maximum field service life of 6 years (SFI) or 10 years (FIA) from the original date of installation.


3.9.2. All on-board fire systems shall identify the activation point for the automatic system by a circle “E” decal. Decals available at ChampCar Tech Inspection.