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Circle Track Racing Radio Systems

Circle Track Racing Radio System | Sampson Radios

SKU: 5- Watt-Expert

Circle Track Complete Racing Radio System - Ready to Install. 

Perfect for Circle Track, Drag Racing and Road Racing Applications with the Additional Antenna Option

Perfect Entry Level System and can be customized with many options !

For the Driver:

  • 5watt F1 UHF Handheld Radio (Programmed with UHF Road Racing Freq)

  • Kenwood Jumper

  • IMSA Fully Shield Car Harness

  • Roll-Bar Mount Radio Box

  • Velcro Push-to-Talk

  • IMSA S9 Flex Boom Helmet kit with Speakers

For the Crew:

  • 5watt F1 UHF Handheld Radio (same as the driver)

  • Pro Behind-the-Head Flex Boom Headset

  • Detachable Kenwood Coil Cord

Crew Headset

Easy to understand instructions and hardware included


Antenna Upgrade

Racing Car Antenna
See All Other Options for this and other systems on the Main Page.