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FireBottle RC-250 2.5lbs FE36 Racing Fire System

SKU: RC-250

The Firebottle RC-250 is a 2.5lb Manual Pull Racing Fire System. Complete Kit ready to install in small scale motorsports vehicles such as Legends, Mincup cars etc. System is filled with the Clean Agent FE36 is a great value for small race cars. 




System weighs 4.0lbs filled and is 14"x 2.875"

The system comes with the following:

1 – Filled 2.5# Manual System
1 – Activating Head
1 – Pull Cable
1 – Discharge Adapter
2 – Nozzle Adapters
2 – Nozzles
1 – Tubing Tees
1 – Discharge Tubing Roll
1 – Aluminum Mounting Bracket Plate
2 – Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets