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GoPro Racing Roll Bar Mount
GoPro Racing Roll Bar Mount

GoPro Racing Roll Bar Camera Mount - SCCA, UTV, Off Road


The TKO Adjustable GoPro Roll Bar Mount for all types of Motorsports. Made from solid 6061 aluminum and stainless steel screws, not plastic. Our system moves in all directions, up, down, left, right and twists so that you can achieve your desired angle.



Comes With Roll Bar Clamp and Rubber Inserts for various bars. 

1 3/4" with No Rubber Insert
1 5/8" with Thin Rubber Insert
1 1/2" with Thick Rubber Insert

Also Comes with Thumb Adjusting Screws for those that like to adjust the Mount easily and Mounting Bolts for a set and forget Mount. 


Some Sanctioning Bodies are now requiring Cameras to be Mounted in the Race Cars. This mounting System in Completely made in the USA and not some plastic Junk.   - Does NOT Include the Camera


GoPro Racing Roll bar Camera Mount



8.18 Forward‐Facing Cameras: All cars must have a forward‐facing camera that is always recording while on track and provides a clear horizontal field of view of the cars and track ahead. 

The cameras may be mounted either inside the car, or on the body. If video is needed to decide on an on-track incident, a driver’s video may be requested by race officials whether said driver was involved in the incident or not.  

Video must be provided on request.  It is the driver’s responsibility to provide video in a format compatible with VLC media player. Failure to provide such a video may result in penalties. 

 See GCR 9.3.11 Camera and Camera Mounts. The additional use of a rear-facing camera is highly recommended.  


9.3.11.  CAMERA AND CAMERA MOUNTS (effective 01 July 2022) A.   All cars competing at Super Tour events and the SCCA Runoffs must have a forward-facing camera that is always recording while on track and provides a clear horizontal field of view of the cars and track ahead. The cameras may be mounted either inside the car, or on the body. If video is needed as part of an investigation of an incident, a competitor’s video of the full unedited session may be requested by race officials regardless of whether said competitor was involved in the incident. Failure to provide such a video may result in penalties. Forward-facing cameras are recommended at all other SCCA-sanctioned events. The video format must be a digital file so it can be viewed in an MS Windows compatible viewer.


The mounts for video / photographic cameras shall be of a safe and secure design. The body of the camera or recording unit that weighs more than 8 oz shall be secured at a minimum of 2 points on different sides of the camera body. Suction cups or elastic mounts are not permitted. If a tether is used to restrain the camera, the tether length shall be limited so that the camera cannot contact the driver.