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Legends Fire System

Legends Cars Racing Fire System | SPA Technique 3lb SFI Fire System


Prefect Fire System for Legends Racing Cars. Fits easily in front of the seat and provides superior fire protection for these cars. Prefect Size and Prefect Price. 


SPA4f SFI3-M - FireSense+ with 4Fire Universal, 3lb. Mechanical - SFI 17.2 Certified

New SFI 17.2 Certified system utilizing a new suppression agent - 4Fire Universal.


Great System for Formula Cars, Legends and other small cockpit cars. 


Branded as FireSense+, 4Fire Universal is a very unique and effective suppression agent. It presents as a foam and coats everything it hits, helping to prevent reignition, and cooling at the same time.


4Fire Universal has quick fire out times like a gas system. And also like the gas systems we offer, it is non-conductive to 1000 volts.


Where 4Fire Universal sets itself apart from the other two agents we use, is its effectiveness to extinguish lithium battery fires.


Kit Includes: 

  • 1x Cockpit Nozzle
  • 2x Engine Bay Nozzles
  • 10x 5/16" Aluminum Tubing (per Foot)
  • 2x 5/16" T-fitting
  • 1x 5/16" Bulkhead fitting
  • 1x 6ft Pull Cable
  • 1x E-location sticker
  • 2x Bottle Mounts