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LED Racing Rain Light
SCCA Racing Rain Light
Lifeline LED Racing Rain Light / Wet Weather / Safety Light NASA SCCA Formula - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems

LED Racing Rain Light Wet Weather Safety Light | Lifeline USA

SKU: 421-100-011

Lifeline LED Racing Rain Light / Wet Weather / Safety Light.


NASA SCCA Formula Car, IMSA at Augusta Motorsports Flashing rain lights are now mandated by several North American racing series and are highly recommended when stalled on the grid, driving slowly with a misfire or puncture, or during a safety car or red flag period to aid in visibility and prevent impact.

 FIA-approved flashing rain light features 11 high-intensity red LEDs in a tough but lightweight plastic housing. The compact size (3 15/16" tall x 2 7/16" wide) makes it easy to mount anywhere.

The 4 Hz flashing pattern (required by some racing organizations) alternates between the full 3269 candlepower output and 40% output, ensuring that the light is visible at all times. The clear protective lens can be replaced easily if it gets scratched or damaged.

The red LEDs are arranged in two outer rows of 4 plus a center row of 3. Three separate circuits ensure that if one red LED fails, the light will continue to meet FIA requirements. The light can be mounted vertically or horizontally to fit just about any installation from LMP2 to GT3.

Runs on 9 to 14 volts DC power and draws 700mA at 12 volts. Two mounting studs on the back allow for easy mounting (note that the power cable also exits the back of the housing, which may require a third hole in the panel). Made in the UK. FIA 8874-2019 approved (RL.001.21) for racing per Technical List 76. Not DOT approved for street use.