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Racing Drink Bottle Hydration System 20oz | Liquid Assets Hydration


Racing Drink Bottle Hydration System 20 oz - Liquid Assets Racing Hydration Systems


Perfect system for many types of Motorsports.  This is not some igloo cooler rigged up with a drink tube or some over priced system made overseas. Ours is a high quality Stainless 20 ounce Bottle with a Quick Disconnect Roll bar mount ready to install.  


Spill Proof, Stainless, Insulated 20 Ounce Bottle
Roll Bar Mount Quick Disconnect System
Roll Bar and Bottle Band Clamps included
48" Hydration Tube Kit 
36" Nylon Braided Tube Cover
BPA Tubing with 90 degree Bite Valve
Bite Valve Dust Cover with Lanyard
Racing Harness Mounting Clip
Adapter to allow extra tubing length
Multiple Racing Applications

Bottle is mounted upside down for easier fluid draw. Bottle Length 12"