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Tow Loop with Soft Loop Ring - Augusta Motorsports Racing Fire Systems

RaceQuip Race Car Tow Loop with Soft Loop Ring

SKU: RQP898148

Race Car tow eye loop strap found on many Spec Miata, SCCA, NASA, PCA, PBOC, and BMWCC Road Race Cars. Don't confuse these 12,000lb Polyester units with the light-duty versions sold by others.

Bolt this strap to the bumper brackets or anywhere on the racecar and you will have a rugged tow loop hook that will not be in your way. No more banging your head and knees on rigid mounted tow loops. 


  • Mounts To Chassis to Accommodate Towing Car Off Track

  • Required by Many Series and Sanctioning Bodies

  • 2" Wide 12,000lb Commercial Grade Polyester Webbing

  • High Visibility Design Wraps Around or Bolts On Chassis

  • Can Handle Any Type of Vehicle up to 3,500lbs

  • Drop Forged Steel Hardware

  • Two Styles Available - Soft Loop or Hard Ring

  • Adjustable from 7” to 24”