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Racer Feedback



Wanna give Nick Astarb a huge thanks! He had some really great deals and delivered the parts to me personally for the racecar! He is a great guy to work with and puts his customers first and will have ALL your parts to you in a timely manor! If anyone needs any racecar parts of any kind, give nick at augusta motorsports a holler and he will get you fixed up!!! And your WILL be pleased!! Thanks again!


Racing Friends!! we got a box of racing goodies from Nick Astarb at Augusta Motorsports! Big fat catalog too, call Nick (a local small businessman) before you send your money to Jegs or Speedway Motors for racing supplies!! Good service and good stuff! I cant tell you what we got 


So glad to have gotten a new racing suit this weekend! After four years, I think it was time for a new one. Not to mention, I got an awesome deal on it. You guys should talk to Nick Astarb with Augusta Motorsports. He is great to deal with and very helpful! 


Got to say a big thanks to Nick Astarb and Augusta Motorsports, went to their trailer at Eastside, he had everything i needed at great prices. Got a nice set of gloves for a great deal! If you need anything make sure you make a trip to their trailer!


I'd like to take the time to thank Augusta Motorsports for helping me out last weekend, when I had the biggest blond moment ever and left my race suit at home. They let me borrow one of the display suits and I have to say even though it was 10x to big lol it was more comfortable than mine. They are a great business and are always very helpful. Look them up and go follow their page!!